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Our Veterinary Service

Pet Wellness/Primary Care

We recognize the unique connections that our clients have with their animals. Our main goal at Bay Animal and Aquatic Hospital is to implement wellness procedures that increase your pet’s lifespan and improve his or her quality of life.

Pet Wellness/Primary Care

We aim to make every visit for your pet as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

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Pet Wellness/Primary Care

Even on our healthy pets, routine “Wellness” exams are strongly advised at least once per year. For our elderly animals, these exams are typically recommended twice per year or more regularly if needed. Caretakers should use this opportunity to discuss any worries they may have concerning their pets. Our veterinarians take a detailed medical history of your pet and perform a hands-on full-body exam from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail to look for any anomalies. There is also a discussion of other crucial aspects of well-being, such as behavior and diet. This enables us to offer any advice that may help your pet live as healthily and happily as possible. Other significant aspects of our yearly visits with your pet include vaccinations and parasite control. We work to develop a tailored vaccine and anti-parasitic regime based on each pet’s lifestyle.

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